High School General Assembly Third Committee A


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Committee: High School General Assembly Third Committee A


Country: Iraq

School: Guiyang No.3 Experimental High School

Delegate: Zhengjin Yang


  The feminism problem is always being a hot topic. This topic is always seen as gender equality. And it is true that the position of women and girl always at the lower position then the men. But as for the feminism, there also have several kinds of it .Even some feminists think that caused by the women have ability to give the birth to baby that caused that problem ,so they are against to pregnancy and some think this is because of the power of the men is too huge ,etc. This question had been argued for many times.

  Iraq is a man control country as everybody knows. But it is the dream to change the situation for the women and the girl who live in the country. And the real situation is make people sad .In Iraq the girl can get married when they are 9 years old and a man can have more than one wife ,it is normal that a family have three to four women .In Iraq the age of getting married is also different from the international countries. In international countries especially Europe and United state care about this the most. Its may because the...