High School General Assembly Second Committee A


Denghuai Gao

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Delegate: GAO Denghuai

Country: Singapore

Committee: General Assembly –Second committee A

Topic: Agriculture development food security and nutrition


Agriculture development, food security, and nutrition are the keys to world peace, stability and development. The main problem in front of us at present is that world hunger has appeared to be on the rise again and that the root causes of hunger still exist and exert negative effects. We also need to think of the momentum of globalization of the world today, under which Countries food insecurity can influence each other. However, globalization also fosters the exchange in technology, talent and capital. Singapore believes that if we fully understand the background of globalization, address the fundamental problems and consider various constraints as well, we will achieve the Sustainable Development Goal Two.

Singapore fully aligns with the 2030 Agenda, and acknowledges that the agricultural development, food security and nutrition are imperative challenges which are not only domestic but also crossing boundaries. For Singapore’s national territorial area is only 7.9 square kilometers, while Singapore has already realized food security of domestic residents and food consumption upgrade. Singapore develops the economy to improve the a...