High School General Assembly Second Committee C


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Committee: General Assembly Second Committee C

Country: Republic of Colombia

School: Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School West Campus

Delegate: Dongyang Chen


Topic Background

Eradication of poverty has been the major goal in developing countries. There`s such a long way to achieve the goal. But if we go back to the problem itself, the main elements of it include three main aspects: socially, politically, culturally.

First, national economy is still at low level.

Details: healthcare. food and nutrition insecurity, hunger. lack of basic services. clean water and sanitation. unemployment. underemployment. poor agricultural management.

Second, policy and legislation can only go so far at present because of poverty. (the economic base determines the superstructure.)

Details: the lack of education for people waiting for employment, the younger generation and their mothers. human security. civil and armed conflict. attention to conflict zones. indulgence of human activities that cause pollution (lead to short-term economic benefits but also environmental disruption and agricultural damage). lack of the control in drug planting and producing caused by poor management in agriculture, for the official department doesn't work well, as the r...