High School ECOSOC Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice - B


Yinan Li

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Country: Algeria

School: Kang Chiao International School Eastern China

Delegate: Yinan Li


As the draft resolution of 2018 of CCPCJ 2018 addresses: “reiterating its determination to foster strict respect for them and to establish a just and lasting peace all over the world”,[1] Permanent peace around the world is a common goal for each nation to achieve desirably. However, it is  difficult to gain an endless peace for every place. The United Nations have indicated that peacekeeping is one of the most effective methods to assist countries undergoing the path from conflict to peace and legislation (also known as the justice in context) which are two strong supports.[2] Law, crime prevention, and crime justice are trinity. The law enhances the crime justice in situations, and the more complete crime justice is, the more perfect crime prevention shall be, and eventually the progressing crime prevention improves the rule of laws. As result, emphasizing law, completing crime prevention, and fortifying crime justice will promote fulfilling of the Goal of 2030, which shall also help create a promising future. The international crime incidents tend in a curve in recent five years. It kept arising until 2016 and declines gradually in 2018. By September 2018, 384,184 incidents against the crime law were documented by LEAP, with a declining of -1.6% compared with that in 2017. Among all crimes, property and deception offence always takes a large proportion, which is around 61% in average.[3]Entering the 21st century, a digital database is widely used over the world, and the criminal database is stuff focused by people from different fields, not just the police department. In the United States, Uniform Crime Report (hereinafter as UCR) and National Crime Victimization Survey| (hereinafter as NCVS) are two major sources, and the National Archive of Criminal Data (hereinafter as NACD) holds by University of Michigan maintains the data as well as the two above. Moreover, ESCCJC provides a sharing database in Europe to support crime prevention. This digital database of criminal c...