High School General Assembly Second Committee B


Harry Anderson
United States

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Committee: General Assembly Second Committee B

Country: Greece

School: Wilmington Friends School

Name: Harry Anderson

Information and communication technologies refers to unified communication using technology. This includes computers, telephones, and internet by means of communication. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are vital for the development of countries because it ensures a way for its citizens to communicate with each other and get information from the world around them. ICTs are very helpful in having sustainable growths of the economies, environments, and societies of all countries. With more and more people and communities being introduced to the internet, computers, and even computers, manageable growth and security is crucial to the success of the issue. The establishment of the UN ICT Task Force (UN ICT TF) was in 2001 and it was a response to the growing popularity and complication of the digital world and to advise countries in managi...