High School General Assembly Fourth Committee B


Katrina Winfield
United States

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When someone thinks of peace, Vietnam would not be the first thing to pop into their head. The most obvious reason is because of the Vietnam War. Yes, there was not a lot of peace going on at that time, but since then, Vietnam has made steps towards achieving peace. Since the 1970s, however, Vietnam has mad a lot of progress. . In 1973, Nixon signed a peace deal stating that there cannot be any more bombing in North Vietnam. Twelve days later, there was another agreement signed called the Paris Peace Accords; which was signed by United States, and North and South Vietnam. Yes this agreement was very risky for Vietnam, but they wanted peace. In order for this agreement to go through, Vietnam had to give all their US prisoners back. After a long time of negotiating and violence, the agreement was finally signed. Since then, Vietnam has been trying to have peace with other surrounding areas of the world. In the past ten years, Vietnam has been pursuing peace in South Sudan, and Central African Republic. Especially in South Sudan, they have been making hospitals, supplying medical supplies as well as sending people over there. The Delegation cannot stress enough that Vietnam has been increasingly trying to maintain their peaceful borders with their allied countries.