High School ECOSOC Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice - A
South Africa


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Position Paper

Committee: ECOSOC Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice- A

Country: South Africa

Delegate: Abegayle Reid

i. South Africa remains resolute in its belief that crime prevention and criminal justice is of paramount importance in the country’s socio-economic and political development. Crime results in the deprivation of the rights and dignity of citizens, and poses a threat to peaceful resolution of differences and rightful participation of all, in the democratic process. Thus, the rights and freedoms which the constitution entrenches are threatened every time a citizen becomes a victim of crime. Furthermore, high levels of crime pose a serious threat to the economic development of the country as it inhibits citizens from engaging in economic activity and prevents entrepreneurs and investors from taking advantage of the opportunities which the country offers. The intentional community having recognized the severity of the issue has played a part in trying to alleviate th...