High School General Assembly Fourth Committee B


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Committee: GA4--B  

Country: The Republic of Kenya 

School: Xi'an Tieyi Middle School Riverside School  

Delegate: Xiaotong Wang 

   Peacekeeping is a fundamental tool in the realization of international peace and security. Over time, peacekeeping has evolved into a multi-faceted endeavor, employing an increasing number of personnel from diverse professional backgrounds to provide tailor-made responses to complicated crises across the world. The complexity of peacekeeping is reflected in the various approaches adopted in current operations, which often include diplomatic facilitation of ceasefires and reconciliation, assistance with political and electoral processes, and protection of civilian rights.

   However, peacekeeping operations (hereinafter as PKOs) are unfortunately undermined by numerous factors. Kenya has participated in peacekeeping operations in 24 countries in the world for nearly 40 years, and will continue to participate in other peacekeeping missions in the future. Kenya recognizes that in this unstable global environment, the international community must play a role, not only in peacekeeping, but in peace-building. The United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions, with all of their imperfections, offer hope for achieving that. The peace is greater than just eliminating threats and containing resentments. We seek hope and opportunity for all people i...