High School General Assembly Second Committee A


Mauricio Campuzano
Bolivia, Plurinational State of

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Committee: Assembly Second Committee A

Topic: Agriculture development, food security and nutrition

Country: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Delegate: Mauricio Campuzano Hopp


Around the world millions of people are suffering from bad nutrition, and unfortunately, there are no good government institutions that care about this major problem.  Year after year these numbers have increased to nearly 821 million in 2018, from about 804 million in 2017. For Nigeria, this is one of the main problems that the government wants to eliminate.

This is not the only problem related to nutrition. Most countries around the world have several problems in controlling the quality of food. For example:  the contamination of farmlands, and rivers that affect the fishing and agriculture industry. Not only this, but another factor is the lack of resources designated to the food industry and the bad policies that managed the food quality.

Food security and bad nutrition are a problem that affect many countries, mainly to underdeveloped countries. However, the main challenge to end hunger, is that requires a sustainable system of food production and agricultural practices. One aspect of that effort consists to maintain the genetic diversity of plants and animals, which...