University International Labour Organization
New Zealand Employer Representative


Maliha Riaz

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Committee: University International Labor Organization
Topic: Ending violence and harassment against women and men in the workplace
Country: New Zealand - Employer Representative
Delegate: Maliha Riaz, Karachi, Pakistan

The International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work is an expression of commitment by governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations to uphold basic human values – values that are vital to our social and economic lives. Although this doctrine was adopted in 1998, the world has fallen quite short of this goal. Violence against men and women in the workplace pervades all states and it is the duty of the international community to ensure that nobody falls prey to any sort of unacceptable behavior that is likely to result in physical, psychological or sexual harm or suffering. According to Occupational Safety and Hea...