High School ECOSOC - UN Forum on Forests


Sofia Abaakil

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Egypt      ECOSOC: Forests and Sustainable development


Delegate: Sofia ABAAKIL

School: L’Ermitage International School

Committee: ECOSOC - UN Forum on Forests


I)               Forests have a significant role in reducing the risk of natural disasters, including floods, droughts, landslides and other extreme events. At global level, forests mitigate climate

change through carbon sequestration, contribute to the balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity in the air and protect watersheds, which supply 75% of freshwater worldwide.

Investing in forests and forestry represent an investment in people and their livelihoods, especially the rural poor, youth and women. Around 1.6 billion people - including more than 2,000 indigenous cultures - depend on forests for their livelihood.

Unfortunately global tree cover loss reached a record of 29.7 million hectares (73.4 million acres) in 2016, according to new data from the Univer...