High School ECOSOC - UN Forum on Forests


Jingyue Shi

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Committee: Economic and Social Council

Country: Indonesia

School: Hohhot No.1 Railway High School

Delegate: JingYue Shi


The Republic of Indonesia, which spans the equator, is located in the southeast of Asia, between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Indonesia is located in the tropics, which is hot and rainy all year round, with abundant rainfall and fertile soil. It provides extremely favorable conditions for plant growth, so forest resources are also extremely rich. The area of ​​forests in the territory is about 67.8% of the national land area. The forest types are mainly tropical rain forests, followed by secondary forests, seasonal rain forests, marsh forests and coastal forests. The rich forest species provide Indonesia with many high-quality valuable woods, such as Kelimantan and Sumatra's Ironwood, Nusa Tenggara's sandalwood, Sulawesi's ebony, and Javanese teak. Indonesia's forestry products are Indonesia's third largest export earning product after oil and textiles. Its timber production, processing and export have formed a mature industrial chain and is one of the world's importan...