High School ECOSOC - UN Forum on Forests


yang Zhu

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Committee:UN Forum on Forests


School: Cuiwei Primary School



The United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) aims to promote dialogue and cooperation on forest-related issues around the world, as well as the management, protection and sustainable development in all types of forms, and to strengthen long-term political cooperation for this purpose.The 2030 strategic plan for forests is the vision for global forests, and we will do our best to achieve the goals in the strategic plan.


At the beginning of the 20th century, India began to make efforts to protect forests. In 1927, British India passed the forest act of India; From 1951 to 2007, the "eleventh five-year plan" was gradually formulated for efforts to protect and improve the environment and protect the country's forests and wildlife. At the same time, India is a party to the CBD treaty of the convention   on biological diversity.(1) the forest (protection) act was enacted by the Indian parliament in 1980 and amended in 1988;In 1986, the government also passed the environmental protection act and the foreign trade (development and management) act of 1992 to control biodiversity.(3) India is a party to the United Nations convention to combat desertification (UNCCD).

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