High School General Assembly Plenary


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Constance Rhodes                   Position Paper Afghanistan

 High School General Plenary on the responsibility to protect and the Prevention of Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing, and Crimes Against Humanity.

Topic background

 Genocide and war crimes have been heavily debated by the international community ever since the Second World War with the atrocious acts carried out by the Nazis. After the horrifying acts done by the Nazis, the international community decided to create legislation to punish them for their crimes, this is where the terms genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity had to be defined by international law, however, this definition and subsequent punishment of the perpetrators have since not dissuaded nor stopped such horrific crimes from being broken. In fact, genocides and war crimes have been carried out long before the Second World War, on the contrary, these crimes have been present throughout history but have not been tried in a court of international law. After the Second World War, genocides, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity have been carried o...