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Zachary Barker
United Kingdom

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United States of America -NATO Council- The Question of finding a Unified Policy to Stem Violence and Consolidate the Government of Afghanistan

 NATO's intervention in Afghanistan was initiated in October 2001 after the United States of America (USA) invoked Article 5 of the North Atlantic Charter, for the first time in the alliance's history (CNN 2001).  This was in response to the refusal of our ultimatum to the Government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (as named under the Taliban) to cease providing safe haven to the terrorist network Al Qaeda and it's leader Osama Bin Laden (CNN 2001).  The Taliban were eventually overthrown from government via a multi-nation NATO intervention (Congressional Research Service 2019).   The terms of the Bonn Agreement, in fact a series of agreements, laid out the foundations for the establishment of a democracy in Afghanistan with the assistance of international military forces (UN 2001). 

     International military forces operated within Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) group up until the end of 2014 (NATO 2018).  NATO's Resolute Support Mission is the successor mi...