UNESCO (Intermediate)


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TOPIC 1: Renewable energy and global warming


In 2016, $242 Billion were invested in renewable energies. 24% of the world electricity is produced thanks to renewable energies. That is a great step towards energy independence that is the huge goal the world has to achieve. But today, each country must do more effort. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world must not get warmer than 1,5°C if we do not want it to change dramatically. Many species, places, countries are threatened by the global warming and it must become the world’s prior issue. Today, there are countries like France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the Republic of Finland that are leaders of opinion concerning this huge issue with which everyone is concerned.


The UNESCO created the Global Renewable Energy Education and Training (GREET) Program, to promote the development of energy policies, to provide assistance and to support initiatives of countries or of citizens themselves. This program focuses on Africa and one of its goal is to build a sustainable energy base there to address the need of the local population. Because the UNESCO is very concerned by this issue, the Intersectoral Platform on Climate Change has been created to promote the use of renewable energies throughout the world. Indeed, ...