Zygmun Model United Nations

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Organized by American School of Warsaw

ZYGMUN is a brand new conference in the world of MUN organised by students from the American School of Warsaw for students of all backgrounds and nations. The main objective of our conference is to simulate the United Nations in a way that will allow students to discuss and think critically about world issues, raise awareness and hone their debating skills in a friendly and inviting environment. We wish to provide every ​single delegate, experienced and new alike, with the opportunity to experience the world of politics and their complex yet riveting issues, that's why we pride ourselves in our small size, consisting only of the most open-minded, hard-working, and dedicated students from around the world. We believe that small size will encourage and make it easier for delegates to participate.



Human Rights Council

Addressing the prevention of child marriage.

Political Council

Addressing the Territorial Claims of the Gaza Strip

Security Council

Preventing a nuclear threat posed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea