Wuhan University International Students Model United Nations

  • Online
  • May 29 - May 30, 2021
  • 50 Delegates
  • $5.00 Fee
  • Delegate Applications
    01 May 2021 - 15 May 2021

Wuhan University International Students Model United Nations (WISMUN) was founded in 2015 to enable the diverse society of international students in Wuhan University to practice the Model UN activity by understanding how diplomats and governmental representatives reflect their nations, by confronting a wide range of international political, economic and environmental issues, to find the human side of international relations, and extend their social circles.

Since the establishment in 2015, with the support of Wuhan University School of International Education, and in cooperation with the United Nations Association of Wuhan University (UNAWHU) and Wuhan University International Students Union (WISU), multiple WISMUN conferences have been organized and these events had students from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale universities along with the students of Wuhan University.

For more information, feel free to check WISMUN website!

Application Fees

By registering for this conference, you are also taking a step to touch the life of a refugee in some part of the world. The WISMUN Secretariat will donate 50% of all the application fees to the UN Refugee Agency

Please feel free to contact us via email if you face any problems with the payments or if you have any further questions. Delegates who wish to use WeChat or Alipay for the payments are welcome to contact the Secretariat via WeChat (15549453750). 


Said Tarik Saglam

Gulbakyt Bolatbekkyzy
USG of Academics

Daisy Xian
USG of Media & Communication

Patience Dalieh
Press Corps Editor in Chief

Nodjimadji Tamlengar Martial
President of WISU

Yerkenaz Karibayeva
Deputy Secretary-General

Lojien Altayeb
USG of Media & Communication

Abid Hussain
USG of Academics

Country Matrix
Security Council
Security Council


  • Addressing the Militarization of the Arctic Region
UN General Assembly
UN General Assembly


  • Reviewing & Assessing the Global Participation for the 2030 Agenda