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Sovereignty: The Bygone of The Future?

At WINMUN 2016, students shall be discussing issues faced by world leaders, from the Intellectual Property Infringement to the Legalisation of Responsibility to Protect. The topics all relate to WINMUN 2016’s Theme – “Sovereignty: The Bygone or The Future?”. We believe that the relative small sizes of our committees, and a focus on finding solutions through negotiation and collaboration through the UNA-USA format, will encourage participants to put on an active role in the caucuses and drafting of resolutions. Our chairs, all experienced MUN delegates previously, combine their expertise with their passion for international politics and relations to the issues accessible to the delegates.



General Assembly Sixth Committee

For Freedom? | Setting a Legal Framework for Regions Attempting to Gain Independence and Establish Sovereignty Responsibility to Protect | The Question of Legalizing the Intervention and Sovereignty of Foreign Nations in the Domestic Affairs of Another

Human Rights Council

Sovereignty for those Casted Out | Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability of Human Rights in Sri Lanka La Mission Civilisatrice | The Question of Humanitarian Interventions and National Sovereignty

World Trade Organization

Protection for the Creations of the Mind | Addressing the Issues Pertaining to I.P. Infringement and Enforcing the Relevant Laws The Strive to Fairer Markets | The Issue of Export Subsidies and Market Distortion

United Nations Special Commission on Race and Migration

Racial Discrimination in Immigration | Aiming to Remove the ‘Colour’ from Border Control Law Enforcement and Minorities | Analysing the Stereotypes across the World

Arab League [only for Primary Students]

Exploring the Roles of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in the Re-Development of Post-Conflict Areas with a Focus on Job Creation and Reintegration War against ISIS | Stemming Radicalization through the Elimination of Recruitment and Training of ISIS Agents

Security Council

Technology on the Front Lines | The Defence against the Use of Technology for National Security Relocation and Resettlement | The Management of Refugees’ Entry and Exit from the E.U.