WIMUN India 2016

WFUNA International MUN India

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The REAL UN Experience

WIMUN is the most accurate simulation of the United Nations with seminars taught by UN officials, briefings by UN agencies, and Plenary Sessions at the UN Headquarters for our Flagship New York conference.

The Conference Fee includes UN4MUN training, accommodation, meals, social events (including a guided tour of the Taj Mahal), and more! *Please note: Faculty Advisor fee is waived when the teacher is accompanying a delegation of 10 or more students, otherwise an observer fee will be charged. Please see our conference website for further details.

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Katherine Bonner

Shruti Reddy
MUN Cafe Sr Associate

Frances Lee
WFUNA Model UN Program Associate

Karsten J. Kip
Under-Secretary-General of General Assembly and Conference Management

Saketh Ramchandra
Under-Secretary-General of Communications and Public Information

Kevin Felix Chan
Senior Advisor from Best Delegate


Security Council I – Youth

Youth, Peace, and Security

Security Council II – Syria

Road Map for Peace Process in Syria

General Assembly First Committee (University Only)

United Action Towards the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Sylvania Jeshuani

General Assembly Second Committee

Protection of Global Climate for Present and Future Generations of Humankind

General Assembly Third Committee

Advancement of Women

Paratmika Padhya

General Assembly Fourth Committee

Comprehensive Review of the Whole Question of Peacekeeping Operations in All their Aspects

Nikhil Reddy