VefaMUN 2017

Vefa Lisesi Model United Nations

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VefaMUN 2017 will host 180 delegates in Istanbul on March 31, 2017



Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA-I)

Tackling the Mexican Drug War by creating long-term strategies Questioning the effect of Private Military Companies in international conflicts

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (GA-III)

Addressing the social and political consequences of genocide in Rwanda Cases of restrictions regarding political freedom and right of expression

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA-IV)

Focusing on improving international security by the means of digital communication Reviewing the disincentives in the process of Colombian peace talks

Council of the European Union

Reviewing the current situation of the EU with regard to its foreign policy, internal security and financial stability

Yemeni Peace Talks in Biel

United Nations Commission on Superhuman Activities

Implementation of Superhuman Regulation Protocol (SRP)