USMUN 2016

University of Sussex Model United Nations

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Sussex Model United Nations Conference 2016

The University of Sussex Model United Nations society is proud to present its second edition of University of Sussex Model United Nations Conference, held on 19-21 February 2016 in the beautiful seaside city of Brighton and Hove. At Sussex, we are committed to give you the best experience possible. One of our steps is to make our conference a more accurate portrayal of the United Nations, whilst keeping the familiar MUN framework. This year, our conference consists of four committees, ranging from the Human Rights Council to the prestigious Security Council. In one of these committees, you will tackle contemporary political issues throughout two days of debating, negotiating and networking. In the evenings, we will take you to some of the finest venues in Brighton and Hove for some great socials where you can connect and unwind with fellow delegates. So why don't you come to Sussex?


Bendeguz Kassai
Under-Secretary-General for Delegations

Vivienne Madders
Under-Secretary-General for Finances

Eman Quisay
Logistics Officer

Alexander Falck-Bilden

Natalie Acheampong
Under-Secretary-General for Socials

Timothy Chapelle
Deputy Secretary-General

Ayomide Oluyemi
Under-Secretary-General for Chairing

Sally Mouneimneh
Under-Secretary-General for Communications


GA 1: Disarmament and International Security

Establishing a Nuclear-Free Zone in the Middle East Transnational Organised Crime and International Security

George Mullens

GA 4: Special Political and Decolonisation

Revitalising Gaza Strip Economy and Development Combating Terrorism Globally

Bendeguz Kassai
Vivienne Madders
Rituja Rao