URIOS Model United Nations

  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Campusplein 1
  • Apr 22 - Apr 24, 2022
  • 75 Delegates
  • Delegation Applications
    13 Dec 2021 - 25 Mar 2022

Considering the Legacy We Leave Behind

URUMUN is the MUN of the study association of International and European law of Utrecht University. This sixth installment will now be returning to the physical space! 

Estimated program: 

Day 1: opening ceremony in the afternoon

Day 2: first debate day + social activity

Day 3: second debate day and closing ceremony

Delegate applications are open! 

The fee of 65 euros will include aside from the MUN two social activities, two lunches, and a goodie bag.

The delegate registration period of URUMUN 2022 has officially opened!

Deepen your knowledge on international issues, broaden your horizon and improve public speaking and negotiation skills. 

Are you from the Russian Federation, looking to destabilize international relations between your great enemies? Or are you a delegate of the United States, trying to find a way to make the world even more dependent on your silicon valley?

Are you a natural speaker, do you love to debate, or are you looking to expand upon your knowledge of a wide array of topics? Then come join us as a delegate at URUMUN 2022!

Apply now!


4.42 out of 5

Top Rated MUN

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Country Matrix


  • International cooperation for space debris mitigation and space traffic management.
  • Exploration, exploitation and utilization of space resources.
Alexander Van de Sande

Human Rights Council
Human Rights Council


  • The humane execution of criminals subject to the death penalty.
  • Obligations of nation states towards refugees at sea.
Dagmar Loranne van der Zalm
Michal Kisel

Security Council
Security Council


  • The Ethiopian crisis.
  • Afghanistan, the protection of delegates and delegations within conflict riddled areas.
Aleksandar Matić



  • Securing the right to education in refugee camps and conflict areas.
  • The effects of social media on democracy.
Julian Geraedts
Mohamed Qassem