University of Central Punjab International Model United Nations.

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Reshaping Generations.

The Model UN Society UCP – International Crisis Chamber (UCPMUN), was founded in 2016. In less than one-year UCPMUN has emerged as one of the best conferences in Pakistan. UCPMUN will be the only Model UN conference to host International delegates and Chairs in its second edition.

The conference aims at providing national platform for the students to whet their diplomatic and public speaking skills, concurrently hallowing them with opportunities to make their mark and inculcating in them the sense of modesty and public responsibility that can embark them on track of success.

University of Central Punjab is known not only for its phenomenal academic performance but also for its meritorious and scrupulous co-curricular events. After arranging successful events, the institute has opened its doors to the MUN last year, and your participation will buttress us to linger the tradition of arranging well-organized and ardent debate among peers from around Pakistan. This year UCPMUN has achieved another milestone by collaborating with International Model United Nations.

The Model UN Society of UCP – International Crisis Chamber will be conducting the Social Responsibility Program (SRP). The SRP is an initiative that allows ICC-UCPMUN to fulfill its duty towards the less privileged individuals in the society. SRP is in line with ICC-UCPMUN’s vision of making a tangible change in the lives of the citizens in our society.

The Model UN Society of UCP (UCPMUN) also prides itself in terms of being an institution feel proud to affiliate themselves with other institutions. Locally, UCPMUN has affiliated with Lahore Grammar School, EME Campus for the purpose of aiding in organizing their annual MUN Conference.

Internationally, UCPMUN is partnered with EUROMUN, MUNICE, MUNC, C'MUN.

To help create a more educated, aware and articulate youth that understands its role in society and its responsibility in improving the situation of Pakistan UCPMUN is hosting its first Youth Leadership Parliament, simulating Pakistan National Assembly sessions and inviting ‘parliamentarians’ from across Pakistan.

This Year UCPMUN has introduced scholarship for all the International participants, All international participants will receive 100% waiver on registration fee, accommodation, intercity transportation and food.


Fahad Manzoor
Secretary General


Security Council

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (SPECPOL)

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

Pakistan National Assembly (PNA)

UNDP (United Nations Development Program)