University College London Model United Nations

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"The Winners and Losers of Globalisation"

UCLMUN will take place in March at UCL’s main campus in Bloomsbury, London. As one of the UK’s largest conferences, it seeks to bring together delegates of diverse backgrounds, opinions and beliefs, thereby reflecting the character of both its parent university and London itself. As a relatively young conference that started in 2011, UCLMUN aims to welcome relative newcomers to the ranks of the MUN circuit, while still ensuring that debate is sufficiently rigorous and thought-provoking to challenge experienced delegates. UCLMUN 2017 adhered to these objectives through a judicious mix of intense committee sessions and fun socials, which allowed delegates to get their fill of both mental stimulation and merry revelry while mixing with other delegates. The rapid growth of UCLMUN is a testimony to the popularity of UCLMUN’s unique style.


Michelle Kazi
Secretary General

Maria Slobodina
USG Finance


Security Council (UNSC)

Discussion of a Post-IS Middle-East Discussing the Yemen Crisis

Brexit Negotiations Board

Special Commission on Globalisation

Question of Revitalising trade control in post-conflict regions; empowerment and stabilization Discussing the Exploitation of Labour

Crisis - The Golden Age of Piracy