Tel Aviv University Model United Nations

  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tel Aviv
  • Sep 06 - Sep 10, 2020
  • 160 Delegates
  • Chair Applications
    01 Jan 2020 - 30 Apr 2020

Globalization: From Climate Change to Terrorism

TLVMUN 2020, hosted at Tel-Aviv University, is back for its 6th edition!

TLVMUN is considered with a proud legacy of high academics levels, crazy socials, beautiful scenery of the city and as a world-class conference. If you are looking for a new summer adventure, TLVMUN 2020 will be an excellent experience that you will never forget!

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***Delegate Applications

This is the link for the delegate application for TLVMUN 2020. Please note that this Google Form is instead of the MyMun registration. By filling this out, you are not committing to anything! We will send you a payment link when flight restrictions to Israel are lifted. The payment will be via PayPal. 

*The delegate applications are open until August 10th*, so please keep that in mind.


4.43 out of 5

Top Rated MUN

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!

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2021 4.22
2019 4.56
2018 4.55
2017 4.47
2016 4.53
2015 4.19


Einav Galil
USG of Human Resources

Tomer Adoram
Secretary General

Dor Gvishi
USG of Academics

Yuval Levin
USG of Finance

Stav Arbel
USG of Socials

Leah Mathiesen
External Relations

Shelly Hanani
USG of Academics

Noam Tansman
Crisis Director

Emily Warren
Crisis Director

Noam Sagi
USG of Logistics

Eleanor Shabtai
USG of Marketing

Country Matrix
UNFCCC - Beginners
UNFCCC - Beginners


  • Climate change as a contributor to wildfire emergencies
  • International Geoengineering Policy
Dimitra Psychari
Caro Tellez
Julian Schneider

DISEC - Intermediate
DISEC - Intermediate


  • Countering the spread of cyberwarfare
  • Countering the use of IEDs by non-state actors
Petr Marek
Hendrik Rowedder
Benjamin K.-H. Hinz

ECOSOC - Intermediate
ECOSOC - Intermediate


  • Intelligence and Unemployment: Preventing Future Threats
  • The Preventing of Pandemics
Franziska Bachmann
Ariel Risman
Amanda Legorburu

European Council - Advanced
European Council - Advanced


  • Trade Through Challenges: Climate Change, Fear of Terror and Partners
Egan Paquay
Lukas Probst
Theodora-Iliana Papacharalampous

Historical Security Council - Advanced
Historical Security Council - Advanced


  • Iraq War (2003)
Luca Abels
Tim Hetzer
Anna Korienieva

Press Corps


  • Gold Rush Fever

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