IMUNA Presents: The Tel Aviv University Model UN - Joint Cabinet Crisis

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The Largest and most exciting JCC in the most exciting city-Tel Aviv.

The Tel Aviv University Model UN (TAUMUN) , along with the Israeli MUN Association (IMUNA) believes that there is much room for students around the world to use in order to promote and establish dialogue and diplomacy as tools to resolve future global problems. It is a personal goals of TAUMUN and IMUNA to try and bridge over difficult cultural gaps, gather international students together and simulate possible future events. We aim at understanding how "the other" thinks, and therefore, we simulate ambassadors, country leaders, ministers and more which we would rarely be able to have the option of being put in their shoes. The Tel Aviv University Model UN Joint Cabinet Crisis (TAUMUNJCC) aims to do exactly that. So far we have had students from over 17 countries, register for the conference and even applying to staff positions. The conference will simulate the communication between ten different cabinets, one of which is a private military contractor during a plausible evolving global crisis. The students will represent different cabinet positions: Secretary of State, Vice-President, Head of Intelligence and more, with the goal of securing peace, both domestically and abroad.
The conference will take place in Tel Aviv University, August 2nd-6th, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel Aviv is known for its vibrant night life, liberal attitude and beautiful beaches. During the summer, the City becomes an incredible tourist attraction. The conference participants will enjoy a city tour by the City's municipality, different events in the evening, including a Gala, a pool party and a pub crawl. The conference will be followed by an optional post-program, August 7th-9th, which will take the students around Israel and introduce them to different UN officials serving in the country. It will promote discussions regarding the different problems the region is facing and show them some of the most beautiful sites the country has to offer.

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Eyal Menashe
Director General

Barak Tamir
Secretary General

Geert de Vries
Marketing Director

kfir Alon
Conference Supervisor


United States National Security Council

Sybren Straatsma

Chinese Politiburo Standing Committee

Daniel Amital

Nigerian National Security Council

Asaf Kaya

Kenyan National Security Council

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South African State Security Council

Hanne Pollet

Triple Canopy Inc.

Daniela Ramos
Matthew Spencer

French Conseil de Défense et de Sécurité Nationale (CDSN)

Tudor-Petru Fabian