Symbiosis International Model United Nations Conference

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Pax in Virtue

Symbiosis International Model United Nations Conference 2018 is the tenth MUN iteration of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, based on the model working of United Nations and it’s various committees.

SIMUNC is a three day exhilarating diplomatic experience for the enterprising students of our country that takes place in the month of January. This three day expedition will give you memories of a lifetime and take you on the most intense journey ever. At SIMUNC you can either delve into the past and recreate the entire history, create peace and mutual understanding in your time, use your influence to wreck havoc or anarchy among nations or you can simply use your negotiation skills to barter secrets and strategies to put your nation on a higher pedestal.



Disarmament and International Security Committee

Developing an international framework for cyber-security with special focus on non-state actors.

United Nations Security Council

The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, 1979

Transfer Policy Meet

The summer transfer window, 2018