SGMUN 2020

St. Gallen Model United Nations Conference

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Braving Storms Together

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Distinguished Delegates,

Honorable Chairs,

It is a great honor to host the fourth edition of the St. Gallen Model United Nations Conference. First, I would like to thank the 2019 Secretariat for doing such an outstanding job. Last year’s conference became an unforgettable experience for many delegates thanks to their tireless dedication and energy.

This year has turned out to be full of new challenges and difficult times. The Secretariat was formed under very special circumstances and had its first sessions online. We therefore decided on a motto which would reflect this new reality we find ourselves in. However, “Braving Storms together” signifies also much more for us. It stands for all future challenges to overcome and the necessity to stick together when it seems the most difficult. The Secretariat cannot wait to welcome you once more, in November, this time in the realm of the Internet.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Graefen


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Noah Mamie
Under-Secretary-General of Finance & Treasury

Benjamin Brückner
Under-Secretary-General of Sponsoring & Fundraising

Lukas Homlicher
Under-Secretary-General of Socials & Venues

Jule Mau
Under-Secretary-General of Logistics & Volunteering

Michela Godenzi
Under-Secretary-General of Delegates & Organisation

Katharina Groß
Under-Secretary-General of Marketing & Public Relations

Hendrik Rowedder
Deputy Secretary-General

Niklas Graefen

Yael Staehelin
Staff Coordinator

Egan Paquay
Under-Secretary-General of Chairs & Academics


World Health Organization (WHO) (Intermediate)

Working towards a safe tomorrow - Biosecurity in the pandemic age

Lukas Probst
Jessica Fenger
Jana Gietman

International Press Corps (IPC) (Advanced)

Reporting, on all fronts, at all times

Diletta Muccilli
Manuela Barroso
Irena Stanislavova Shaleva

Security Council (SC) (Advanced)

Restoring Stability – Pursuing the Reform of the UN Security Council

Frederic Freitag
Jakob Tjurlik
Piotr Sanejko

Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) (Expert)

European Commission v United Kingdom

Witold Marynowski
Miriam Arimond
Christoph Heinimann

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) (Beginner)

Online recruitment of terrorist fighters International drug markets: the cyber era

Abigél Csima
Diego Sanz Bermejo
Svenja Schwartz

United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) (Beginner)

Effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic recession on the environment The energy sector in environmental protection

Evann Treceño
Julia Lüscher
Tomer Adoram