SGMUN 2019

St. Gallen Model United Nations Conference

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Together towards Excellence

Join the third edition of SGMUN Conference for the unforgettable opportunity to experience a great level of debating in six high quality committees!

SGMUN Conference gives you the possibility to get to know around one hundred and fifty international students and Swiss hospitality, amidst rolling hills and  snow-capped Alps, close to Lake Constance. Outside the committee sessions you will have the chance to relax from MUN-stress with awesome socials, while experiencing St. Gallen, a wonderful small Swiss town, renowned for its ancient abbey and world-ranking university.

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Niklas Graefen
Under Secretary General of Sponsoring

Nadine Keller
Under Secretary General of Delegates & Organization

Lorenzo Tanzi
Deputy Secretary General

Lars Bauert
Under Secretary General of Finance

Filippo Thomas Antonio Börner
Under Secretary General of Logistics & Speakers

Jacqueline Kha
Under Secretary General of Socials

Theresa Berz
Under Secretary General of Marketing

Cédric P.M.J. Schad
Secretary General

Manuel Jonas Constam
Under Secretary General of Chairs & Academics


International Centre for Settlement of Investement Disputes (ICSID Tribunal) (advanced)

The case Akwa versus Nigeria

Bent Simon
Piotr Sanejko
Carlos Salas Villanueva

Security Council (intermediate) (advanced)

Israeli-Palestine Conflict The Situation in Venezuela

Viraj Mehrotra
Luana Pallaro
Penelope Magnani

Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC) (advanced)

Miguel de la Cal Moreno
Ben Bolton

Human Rights Council (beginners)

Protection of Human Rights in the use of Protest and Civic Advocacy Eliminating the Use of Violence towards LGBTQ individuals

Hanna Nussair
Monica Marie Bonilla
Yara Lilie de Leon

Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN) (beginners)

Reshaping trade relations between developing and developed countries for fostering sustainable economic growth Creating measures to tackle gender-based income inequality

Jakob Tjurlik
Shuting Ling
Sebastian Linke

European Council (EC) (intermediate)

A deeper and fairer internal market

Anna Lisa Schäfer-Gehrau
Karen Sturm
Dor Gvishi