SFMUN 2021

San Francisco Model United Nations

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Celebrate MUN in the birthplace of the United Nations: San Francisco

This year, SFMUN is registered to compete in the official United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (The UN Refugee Agency) Model UN Refugee Challenge. Our SFMUN UNHCR Committee will be competing in this challenge, highlighting challenges facing refugees and drafting policy to solve pressing concerns. Outstanding Resolutions will be officially acknowledged by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

San Francisco Model United Nations (sfmun.org) is an annual two day conference traditionally held in mid-December (SFMUN VI: December 12-13). As one of the Bay Area’s premier conferences, its location in San Francisco attracts delegates worldwide to participate in a MUN conference made by youth for youth. We've hosted over 5,000 SFMUN alumnus from 4 continents with over 250 resolution submitted. Although generally an in-person conference, the pandemic has resulted in SFMUN 2020-2021 being transitioned online to an innovative platform called Gatherly as our chief concern has and will always be the well being of our delegates and our team.

As the birthplace of the United Nations, San Francisco plays a critical role in international relations and will always be defined by its rich history. At SFMUN, we aim to bolster student involvement with the United Nations through an innovative conference designed to allow to students to realize and reach their potential. We encourage intellectual curiosity and provide a platform for delegates to strengthen their diplomacy and public speaking abilities. Students are inclined to draft creative solutions to some of the world’s most hard pressing issues building their propensity for teamwork and fostering their leadership skills.

This is the first (of many more to come) year that we will offer need based financial aid to cover attendance fees in accordance with our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As a conference for both beginners and experienced delegates, SFMUN implores students to engage their competitive vigor while building meaningful relationships with peers.

For more details please email info@sfmun.org and click here to register.