ScalaMUN 2016

Scala Model United Nations

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We are the future

With over seven billion people living on earth, a number growing explosively every day, our generation has to eventually hand over the planet to the next generation who will have to govern our countries, improve our future and take care of our planet, we have decided on the theme for this year’s ScalaMUN conference to be: ‘We Are The Future’. The next generation must be helped, nurtured and prepared. During our conference, we will not only focus on human rights that are more important now than ever before, but we we will also focus on challenges that politicians face globally. It is difficult to make sure everyone is well cared for, assuring success for the generations to come. In three committees and the Security Council, we will debate on topics concerning the safety of children, youth involvement in politics and global warming. For the more experienced delegates, we have a special committee which will challenge the students to get more involved in the topics. The cost for the conference, including all meals and party on Friday evening, will be €25 per delegate/director. ScalaMUN will once again aim to create a welcoming adventure for all newcomers, as well as a challenging experience for the more experienced applicants.



Human Rights Council

Economic and Social Council

Security Council

Special Council