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SASMUN was founded on a very simple belief: that delegates deserve more exposure. The majority of MUN conferences today focus on only the traditional committees of the United Nations (GA, HRC, ECOSOC, etc.) but we believe that too many delegates today don't have enough access to the more "elite" committees. What makes SASMUN unique is that this conference provides the opportunity for delegates to participate in the unconventional and unexplored aspects of Model United Nations. SASMUN will be one of the first ever conferences to exclusively offer APQ, ICJ, JCC, SC, and two historical committees. Our objective is to garner a deeper understanding and love for all parts of MUN for all delegates. With your support and participation, SASMUN can and will become a platform for meaningful dialogue for students all across Singapore. Note that if you wish to apply from overseas, you are free to do so; however, we will not be able to book hotels, flights, or transportation to our school. 

This is a conference for delegates and Chairs in Grades 9-12. This will be a full day conference, running from 8AM to 8PM. The cost of attendance per participant (delegate, Student Officer, director/sponsor, etc.) will be $50. Details regarding payment will be sent once you have applied. If you wish to send a large delegation as a school in Singapore, or have any other enquiries, please contact You can also learn more about our conference on our website --

Chairs will have to submit an experience table and motivation letter, and should submit applications here. Delegates can apply directly through this page, or on this form. Delegates who apply before Sepember 5th will receive their country allocations early!


Sarah Lin

Harish Koneru
Deputy Secretary-General

Raghav Narayanswamy
Deputy Secretary-General


Security Council (SC)

The Situation in Yemen

Historical Security Council (HSC)

The Question of Resolving the Kosovo Crisis

Historical Joint Crisis Committee (HJCC)

Addressing the Remilitarization of the Rhineland

Middle East Crisis Committee I (MECC I)

The Question of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Middle East Crisis Committee II (MECC II)

The Question of the Iran-Saudi Arabia Proxy Conflict

Advisory Panel (APQ)

The Question of Data Privacy