ReadiMUN 2019

Reading University International Model United Nations

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For the Exceptional In You

The University of Reading's Model United Nations Society cordially invites you to attend the ReadiMUN, the Reading University International Model United Nations conference in December 2019!

ReadiMUN is a three-day academic conference, modeled on the plenary sessions of the United Nations, which provides young people from around the world with near-boundless opportunities. Be that engaging with contemporary world issues, polishing your public-speaking and communication skills, or becoming more confident and articulate global citizens, our conference will doubtlessly have something for you.

ReadiMUN 2019 will be the eighth session of the conference, and will take place on the 6th to the 8th of December, 2019. Stay tuned here for information about our conference, including application dates, any offers available, our secretariat, and much more!

Keep on debating, and we look forward to seeing you soon!



Security Council (UNSC)

The Question of the DRC and the Problems of Peace Missions The Question of Reviewing The role of the security council in relation to China's Trade Agreements and other International Commitments

Jana Lukic

Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

The Question of Climate change and the challenges for the human rights system The Question of women’s health and Reproductive rights

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

The Question of Illicit Petroleum – The Oil Black Market. The Question of E-commerce and the rise of Illicit Trade

Gibran Hamrouni Cases
Nicolas Dimitriou

The European Council

The Question of Forced Labour and modern slavery in North Africa and the Middle East, and its impact on immigration into the EU The Question of the Expansion of the common EU defence policy

Dimitra Psychari

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

NATO Summit: Inclusive unity in global security

Cameron Gadsden-Mckinlay

Historical Crisis - The Oriental Crisis

The Near East Crisis of 1839

Will Burrell
Cindy Lam
David Lakin
Jack Lovejoy
Zeesha Bandyopadhyay
Jack Cross
Alex Matthews
Vishnu Nair
Sam McKenzie