Park Lane International School Model United Nations

  • Prague, Czechia
  • Valdštejnská 151
  • Jan 21 - Jan 24, 2021
  • 150 Delegates

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Park Lane International School Model United Nations, or PLISMUN for short, is a conference where students aged 13 - 18 discuss topics of global importance by representing countries in a simulation of select committees of the United Nations. Delegations from schools anywhere in the world are invited to participate.

The conference takes place in the historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic and is managed by a completely student-led team. January 2021 will mark the fourth annual edition of PLISMUN - and by no means the last!

9 committees in PLISMUN’21 means that first-time MUN debutants and seasoned debating veterans alike will find their place.


Jáchym Šetka
Head of Research

Jason Wang
Head of Online Resources

Lukáš Chládek
Vice Secretary General

Jules Morand
Chief of Staff