OstseeMUN 2015

Ostsee Model United Nations

  • Flensburg and Sønderborg, Denmark
  • None
  • Oct 05 - Oct 09, 2015
  • 120 Delegates
  • €60.00 Fee
  • Delegate Applications
    04 Apr 2015 - 04 Oct 2015
  • Chair Applications
    13 Sep 2015 - 16 Sep 2015
  • Delegation Applications
    05 Apr 2015 - 27 Sep 2015

Acting Beyond Borders. Always.

OstseeMUN 2015 is the third edition of the world’s only cross-border MUN. It is a five day conference taking place from the 5th to 9th of October. It takes place in the two beautiful coastal towns of Flensburg, Germany and Sønderborg Denmark. This is brings two distinct cultures to the MUN experience. The conference will be five full days and debate, social events and guest speakers. Ever growing, this year OstseeMUN will have six committees from the classic UNSC to the more unusual International Olympic Committee. Our traditional Historical Committee will this year be celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the UN by simulating its founding moments. We hope to see you in October!


Committees of OstseeMUN 2015: The UN Security Council Historical Interactive Crisis: Conference on Establishing the New International Framework (CENIF) UNFCCC COP21 International Organization for Migration European Council International Olympic Committee.

Applications: Chair Applications: February 15-March 5 Delegate, Delegation and Faculty Advisor Applications: April 1 - September 20


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Joshua Hope
Deputy Head Organizer, Treasurer

Geert de Vries
Secretary General

Country Matrix
UNFCCC Conference of Parties 21
UNFCCC Conference of Parties 21


  • Setting New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets
  • Combating Climate Migration Caused by Depletion of Natural Resources
Eren Demirbas
Sateah Afreedi

International Olympic Committee
International Olympic Committee


  • Host City Selection for Summer Olympics 2024
  • Clean Sport - How to win the fight against Doping?
Kai Kröger
Inga Meyenborg
Sebastian Pape

European Council
European Council


  • The Future of EU-Russia Cooperation
  • Creating a European Digital Single Market with Long-Term Growth Potential
Katrin Schmuck
Marcus Dörfel

International Organization for Migration
International Organization for Migration


  • Preventing Irregular Migration with Regard to its Effect on the Economy
  • Promoting More Efficient and Transparent Labour Migration Flows
Carolin Huber
Kiki Bouwmans

Security Council
Security Council


  • The Issue of Westen Sahara
  • Open Agenda
Fadoua Ouni

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