New Taipei City Model United Nations

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Held by the Government of New Taipei City, New Taipei City Model United Nations conference is one of the leading conferences in R.O.C.(Taiwan), having full supports and resources from our local government. We have come to the time of year where we welcome the 2nd annual New Taipei City Model United Nations Conference. As April approaches, we look forward to the start of registration. As we are a team dedicated to improvement, our goal is to enhance the quality and quantity of our academic training, education, and services towards the participants. In honor of this monumental conference, admission will be free of charge. We sincerely welcome teachers lead the delegation team or overseas students to join us as a group.

NTCMUN 2018 only accepts currently enrolled high school and college students who are under 30 years old as delegates and observers. Our conference is free of admin charge, so we won't be able to provide extra subsidization or scholarships. But we can help participants to book hotels with favorable price and offer relevant information such as visas and traveling suggestion. If you are interested in participating, please leave your personal information and state that you would be interested in participation. On April 1st, we will personally contact you for early admission. The current conference is free of cost, though not including accommodation. If you are in need of assistance for discount alliance hotels, please feel free to contact us ahead. We will happily assist you regarding transportation, accommodation, visa and travel difficulties. We also encourage you to come forward if you are in need of a formal statement of leave.

After the conference, we would arrange a small trip in Taiwan for one to three days at your own expense. The relevant details will be provided afterwards, so please stay tuned to our website. http://www.ntcmun.org/

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!




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