NottsMUN 2014

Nottingham Model United Nations

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New Beginnings

From the 14th to the 16th of November several hundred delegates from every corner of the world will converge on Nottingham, setting the stage for a truly global, diverse experience. As always we will offer a wide range of committees at NottsMUN, tailored for delegates of every level of experience. Over the weekend, delegates will get to experience NottsMUN against the backdrop of Nottingham's beautiful and iconic University Park. And of course, our famed socials will be back - and even more exciting and classy than ever! Whether you are new to Model UN and looking for a great first dive into this fantastic world, or a seasoned delegate looking for a new challenge, you're invited to take a peek around. Have a look at what we have to offer and if you decide to join us for the adventure - see you in November!



UNHRC - Human Rights Council

Anastasia Trubnikova
Anisha Primalani

SPECPOL - GA Fourth Committee

Sophie Pike
James Armstrong

League of Arab States (Arabic)

Tasabeeh Mohamed
Adnan Al-Khatib

ICJ - International Court of Justice

Natasha Behary Paray
Iqra Abedin
Muhammad Kabir Hashmi

FSC - Future Security Council

Kabu Senapitak
Gareth Short

UNODC - UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Daria Ruban
George Mullens

Multilingual Security Council

Anastasia Kvaskova
Phoenix Zhan
Taha Nito Bousmaha

UNDP - UN Development Programme

Ramkumar Sp
Aleksandra Sawa