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Maintaining Peace and Stability

NDUMUN is a Lebanese MUN program where high school students can simulate committees and discussions from the United Nations. Participants come from many schools and take part in a training session and a mock conference before the final conference to practice their diplomatic skills. 

NDUMUN is a growing, successful conference, having reached nearly 400 delegates within only 3 years since its inception. It is a great learning experience for first-timers as well as experienced delegates, and proves to be a great opportunity for all MUNers.

This year's conference runs under the theme “Maintaining International Peace and Stability”. The purpose of the theme is to engage students in the current global political climate as much as possible. This is especially important now, when so many nations around the world are going through trying times and challenging situations in search for political reform and social well-being.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at:

secretarygeneral.ndumun@gmail.com or




International Criminal Police Organization

Cartels: Drugs and Organised Crimes The Fight on Financing Terrorist Groups

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee (UNHCR)

Supporting the Economic Inclusion of Refugees Climate Change and Displacement

The United Nations Children's Fund

Child Soldiers: Victims of War Mistreatment of Children in Conflict and Post-conflict Situations

United Nations Human Rights Council

The Violation of Human Rights in Conflicts across the Middle-East The Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia

United Nations Peacebuilding Commission

Peace building in Terms of Open Borders Ensuring Peace in Afghanistan Post-Al-Qaeda and Taliban

United Nations Security Council

The Breach of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty

General Assembly 4 - SPECPOL

Ethnic Atrocities: Modern Genocides and Ethnic Cleansing The U.S.-Iranian Conflict: On the Verge of War