NatMUN 2019

South African National Model United Nations

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NatMUN 2019

The movement and mobilisation of people is an issue being brought more to the fore of our global arena every year. Whether through the advent of globalisation through trade, human migration in states of crisis, or the opening of new trade channels due to the climate change crisis, the United Nations has had to increasingly get involved in the movement of the world, open up peaceful channels of communication between states, as well as see to the sustainable well-being of all citizens of the world.

Hosted by the United Nations Association of South Africa- University of Pretoria Chapter, this Model United Nations (MUN) conference aims to draw light to the specific issue of mobility and movement in the world today, whilst being inclusive of the development of all countries. It will challenge all participants to engage with various SDGs of the United Nations.

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Fransie Streicher
UNASA UP Events & Logistics Officer

Bradley Tjongarero
UNASA UP Chapter Chairperson

Saphia Essop
UNASA UP Model UN/NatMUN 2019 Programme Coordinator

Lenka Malatji
UNASA UP Model UN Volunteer


Security Council

Alleviating the Threat of Terrorism Resulting from Human Migration The Situation in South Sudan

Masilu Moshabela
Khayot Khalikov

High Commissioner for Refugees

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Raleese Rally Somo

Environment Programme

Global Environmental Issues Caused by Human Migration

Sheldon Reed

Development Programme

African Mobility in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Abdud-Dayyaan Badroodien