Model United Nations Rotterdam

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Model United Nations Rotterdam by EFR & ESE

The waiting time is finally over! The Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) in cooperation with Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) is honored to present to you the first Model United Nations that the beautiful city of Rotterdam has ever hosted! This multicultural city that breathes internationality is the perfect place to organize a MUN with contentious debates, wrought-up emotions and progressive resolutions. Sporting five committees and one crisis cabinet, this MUN caters the needs of MUN veterans, experts and newbies alike.
But be ready to have a thrilling time outside of the conference rooms too: Social drinks and a party in one of Rotterdam’s scenic nightclubs are on the agenda.

The EFR has lots of experience when it comes to MUNs, and after training numerous delegates over the years and sending delegations to various MUNs all over the world, the time has come to establish its own MUN, focusing on the perfect mixture of debating, exchanging views and social events.

The whole conference will take place on campus of the prestigious Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus School of Economics from March 14th to March 16th, 2019.


Julian Brenske
Under-Secretary General Committee Director

Benjamin Majcen
Under-Secretary General Delegate Affairs

Frédérique Schellekens
Director General (Deputy Secretary General)

Theo Post
Under-Secretary General Committee Director

Anahi Corrales
Secretary General

Panagiotis Manolopoulos
Logistics Director


Security Council (Advanced committee)

Cooperation between the UN, regional and sub-regional organizations in maintaining international peace and security: The situation in Nicaragua The situation in Somalia

Carien Van Eijkeren
Parthabi Kanungo

Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) (Beginners Committees)

African Country’s Commodities Bust Agricultural Policy

Arjun Gupta
José Luis Sarmiento

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (SPECPOL) (Middle-level committee)

Territorial Dispute in the South China Sea India-Pakistan conflict and the Jammu and Kashmir Issue

Kinga Ścierska
Kamilla Dajani

World Health Organization (WHO) - (Middle-level committee)

Zika virus Refugee and Migrant Health

Arjin Elgersma
Maria Hobai

Press Corps

Roving Reporters

Dewi Brugge