MUNOM 2019

Model United Nations of Munich

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The pursuit of a sustainable future in the face of growing adversity

Delegate/Mun Director/Student Officer Fee:   €120

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Katharina Kock
Deputy Head of Press and Accomodation

Zoë Owens
Chief of Protocol

Lisa Cunney
Secretary General

Alex Mauger
Head of Press and Accomodation

Gabriel Berne
Conference Manager

Erik Lecuona
Head of Administrative Staff

Ricardo Hernández
Finance Manager

Hannah Dauvergne
Deputy Secretary General

Oliver Riccio
Deputy Chief of Protocol

Oliver Panman
Deputy Finance Manager

Rebecca Coffa
Deputy Conference Manager

Annika Zeman
Deputy Head of Administrative Staff


Security Council

The issue of the arms race in outer space The Security Council’s role in the Philippine Drug War The issue of Jammu and Kashmir

Matilda Gettins
Cristian Gavriliu

General Assembly 4th Committee (Special Political Decolonisation)

Supporting the independence of Non-Self-Governing Territories The situation in Venezuela The protection and safety of whistle-blowers, taking international, social and political prosperity into account

Alexandra Kuhn
Diogo Marcelino

Economic and Social Council 1st Commission (ECOSOC1)

Integrating sustainable development into post-conflict reconstruction The issue of plastic production and disposal Reducing exposure to air pollution in cities and megacities

Konstantina Moutsoula
Suvd Tumenjargal

General Assembly 6th Committee (Legal)

Establishing common environmental standards and sanctions for transnational organisations Bioethics concerning abortion after the permitted time, particularly when medically necessary Limiting the carbon footprint of the individual, focusing on the carbon-tax

Esther Evers
Froukje Gerritsen

General Assembly 3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

The question of recognising non-binary genders and ensuring transgender rights Combatting the wage-gap in the labour market The protection of political dissidents and journalists, focusing on political freedom

Giulio Ceccarelli
Ana Jimenez - Villarejo

General Assembly 2nd Committee (Economic and Financial)

Promoting access to renewable and sustainable energy for poverty reduction and sustainable development Reducing the impact of continued investment in renewable energies on the economics of oil and gas producing states Measures to strengthen the economic situation of refugee countries, particularly in the middle east, eastern Europe and Africa

Anne Zimmermann
Lara D'Agata

Economic and Social Council 2nd Commission (ECOSOC2)

Promoting integrated and comprehensive strategies to prevent all forms of violence against women and girls The issue of illicit trafficking in protected species of wild fauna and flora and the question of establishing it as a criminal offense in the national domestic legislation The issue of forced labour in prisons

Emeline Veillas
Fiona Berger

Economic and Social Council 3rd Commission (ECOSOC3)

Putting an end to child-trafficking Ensuring world-wide access to vaccines, especially in developing countries Mainstreaming a gender perspective into all national and international organizations, especially those in less economically developed countries

Olga Okhotinskaya
Jinoos Aziz

General Assembly 1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security)

The role of technology in the context of international security, focusing on the question of privacy versus security regarding camera monitoring Enforcement of anti-terrorism legislation Measures to ensure the safety of Peacekeepers in zones of conflict

Philipp Hillebrand
Nestor Van Woensel