Munapest 2018

Munapest - Model United Nations of Budapest

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Munapest is back! We happily invite you for the fourth consecutive year to Hungary’s largest university-level Model United Nations event, hosted by the International Diplomatic Student Association, taking place in the mesmerizing city of Budapest! Nine committees, 200+ students, who, thanks to the system of Interconnectivity, have to work together to tackle the challenges faced. You can harness the power of treaties, your country’s financial capabilities, or even the press to reach your goal. Everything you do will come together at the General Assembly, where all the delegates will face each other to decide the future of Asia!

Furthermore, Budapest not only can give you fruitful and professional debates, but also a vibrant nightlife with great social events! Here, you can meet your fellow delegates from all around the world in a less tense setting, have the chance to make new friends and get some most unforgettable memories!



Security Council

Human Rights Council

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Special Financial Committee

Press Committee