MUN Youth Assembly UN HQ NYC 2017

United Ambassadors MUN Youth Assembly at the UN Headquarters

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The MUN Youth Assembly by United Ambassadors is a high-profile annual conference held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York where the most prominent MUN leaders from around the world are invited to engage in intense workshops and discussions on the evolving MUN landscape, how MUN can structurally improve, how MUN can contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the power MUN has to inspire its participants and ultimately create a better world. The theme of 2017 is "The Correlation between Education, Youth Development, Model UN, and Agenda 2030 - Let's Make MUN Change the World".

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Alberto Perra
Administrative Director

Alaa Noui
Conference Management Officer

David Eduardo Rodríguez Acevedo
President of the General Assembly

Nabila Elassar
Academic Director

Yash Raj Singh
Under Secretary General

Farhiya Ali
Conference Management Officer

Adam Othman


Committee 6 - MUN Reform: Model United Nations and Accurate Reflections of the United Nations.

Topic: Enhancing the accuracy of Model UN in simulating the real United Nations - UN4MUN, Multilingualism, and Alternative MUN Platforms.

Committee 5 – MUN Reform: Model United Nations as a Youth Development Platform.

Topic: Enhancing the effectiveness of Model United Nations as a platform for Youth Development & Employability.

Committee 4 - SDG Action: Climate Change & Civil Social Responsibility (SDG #13)

Topic: The role of Model United Nations in raising awareness on climate change and developing civil social responsibility among youth.

Committee 3 - SDG Action: Fostering Global Citizenship through Model United Nations (SDG #16).

Topic: The role of Model United Nations in developing future Global Citizens and building peaceful, inclusive societies worldwide.

Committee 2 - SDG Action: Female Empowerment in the Global Economy (SDG #5).

Topic: The role of education & youth development in the empowerment of girls and advancement of women's leadership in the global economy.

Committee 1 - SDG Action: MUN & Field Advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Topic: Education, Model United Nations & SDG Field Advocacy (All SDG's).