MONUA 2020

Model of United Nations of the Universidad de los Andes

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Astonishing MUN ; The best from L.A.

MONUA can be many things: Excellence; Experience; A Journey; An opportunity; A dream... Attendants remember MONUA as these amongst many other incredible things, though there is something everyone can agree upon, and that is MONUA being the best MUN conference in Latin America. Not only does this hold true because of its location, in the beautiful capital city of the country of Gabriel García Marquez's Magic Realism, in what proves to be an architecturally rich urban center, mixing cosmopolitanism and Spanish colonial heritage; but also because of the highly rewarding experience you can expect when attending MONUA's unsurpassable social events. The latter, of course, within an environment of thorough wellbeing and an academically challenging context. MONUA 2020 will undoubtedly surpass your expectations and all limits, thus allowing us to certify that this is comprehensively the best MUN conference you can attend in the region.

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Security Council - ENGLISH - Agency



Consejo Presidencial y Ministerial- ESPAÑOL - Agencia

Grupo de Lima- ESPAÑOL- Individuales

Consejo de la Unión Africana- Español- Individuales

Consejo de Europa- Español- Individuales

ASEAN- ESPAÑOL- Individuales

Constitutional Court of South Africa- ENGLISH - Singles

Junta Directiva: The Young Foundation- ESPAÑOL - Individuales

US Federal Reserve - ENGLISH- Singles

Vietnam War - CRISIS - Bilingual - Singles

The Rotschild Family - CRISIS - ENGLISH - Singles

AD HOC - CRISIS - Español- Individuales

The Suffragette Movement: 1918- ENGLISH - Singles

Asamblea Nacional Constituyente de Colombia: 1954- Español- Individuales

Consejo de Administración Fiduciaria: 1968

Third Party Actors- Bilingual - Singles

Consejo de Asesores del Consejo Presidencial