MadMUN 2018

Madrid Model United Nations

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Madrid Model United Nations is going to be a great success with your help! We are calling all students aged 15-18 to come live a unique and authentic United Nations experience. Taking place in the beautiful city of Madrid, the 12th, 13th and 14th of October 2018, will be the very first MUN organized by high school students, for high school students. This event will bring together many different cultures that share a love for international affairs and politics. Joins us to put your research, public speaking and debating skills to the test. You will also have the chance to enter the mindset of a United Nations diplomat. All you have to do is register and select a committee that will discuss issues from the disarmament of Crimea to inclusion of unrecognized countries. The faster you are the more choices you will have! Let’s make MADMUN18 the first of many!


Sarah Mateu
General Director

Paula Sanmartin
Deputy Secretary General

Leslie Pérez Wiest
Secretary General

Sofía Martínez Regal
Deputy Secretary General


Security Council (30)

General Assembly (50)


DISEC (50)

Historical Security Council (30)

UNODC (50)

NGO's (6)