Le Havre International Model United Nations

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Applications are open on our website: lhimun.org!

Honourable Chairs, Esteemed Delegates and Guests,


It is my honour and pleasure to introduce the inaugural edition of the Le Havre International Model United Nations, held at the Havrais campus of Sciences Po.


As a conference, LHIMUN hopes to bring together a community of engaged, concerned, and willing youth. Reaching across linguistic, ethnic, cultural, and national boundaries, this conference is about bringing together our international community to practice and model the tackling of pressing and dangerous issues. Although decisions taken in MUN remain at the state of debates and see no concrete application, your coming together is already a sign of the will of this generation to bring to an end demons of the past. As we are born in a world we did not choose, it is our belief in MUN that we, and we solely, have the power to act for our generation and transform the world we were given. By acknowledging no one else will do the work on our behalf, we take up the first step of becoming actors and protectors of certain universal values of peace, friendship, and hope.


During your stay in Le Havre, and throughout the course of the debates, we hope that you will have a fruitful and empowering experience, and that you will, as you begin debating, remember that behind the numbers, the trends, and the maps, there are people, striving for opportunities, peace, and security.


Wishing all of you the best for the three days to come,





Ianis Tamoud


Legal Committee (General Assembly 6th Committee)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Programme Environnemental des Nations Unies (UNEP)

Convention des Nations Unites sur le Droit de la Mer (UNCLOS)

European Council

Union Africaine

Belt And Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF)

British East India Company (Joint Crisis Council)