LAMUN 2019

Latin America Model United Nations

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LAMUN Conference is is an excellent opportunity to expand on an interest in international relations, politics, economics, law, and global current affairs in general.

The aim of the Conference is to seek through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to some of the myriad problems of the world; questions of human rights, discrimination, protection of the environment, economic development, as well as of the critical and perennial issue of war and peace.

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!



GA1 - Disarmament and International Security

Maintaining the Iran Nuclear Deal Framework. The threat of cyber interference to democracy. The regulation of 3D-printed weapons.

GA2 - Economic and Financial

Strengthening the national economy of countries dependent on migrant workers´ remittances. Establishing international frameworks to finance access to sustainable energy for all. Strengthening international cooperation to combat tax evasion and corruption.

GA3 - Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

Strengthening the mechanism for humanitarian coordination in areas struck by war or natural disaster Addressing the humanitarian crisis of the Rohingya people Inclusive Development for Persons with Disabilities

GA4 - Special Political and Decolonisation

The question of the Israeli occupied territories, including East Jerusalem Territorial disputes in the South China Sea The situation in Venezuela

GA6 - Legal

The question of equality before the law and discriminatory criminal legislation. The question of euthanasia and the right to die with dignity. Addressing the trafficking in persons for the purpose of removal of organs.

Security Council

The Issue of chemicals weapons used in Syria The situation in Nicaragua The question of the blockade of Qatar

Environment Commission

Promoting development of new drought-resistant crop varieties to sustain dry lands productivity. The question of sustainable air travel. Combating poaching and trafficking of protected species of flora and fauna by organised criminal groups.

Human Rights Commission

Implementing measures to ensure the protection of migrant children’s human rights. Improving Human Rights for civilians in Yemen. The human rights situation in the Philippines.

Junior Committee - Special Conference 1 - Communications in a Globalised World

The issue of censorship on social media Handling of personal data by social media companies Ensuring press freedom

Junior Committee - Special Conference 2 - The Rights of Children

Protecting children in war zones. The issue of child marriage. Combating child labour.