KleMUN 2017

Kleve Model United Nations

  • Kleve, Germany
  • None
  • Nov 22 - Nov 26, 2017
  • 100 Delegates
  • €30.00 Fee
  • Delegate Applications
    01 Aug 2017 - 22 Nov 2017
  • Chair Applications
    02 Jun 2017 - 31 Jul 2017

KleMUN 2017 - Tomorrow Together

Kleve Model United Nations is an emerging MUN event set in the region of the Niederrhein, Germany. First held in 2013, KleMUN is organized by students of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences at Campus Kleve. Since the university itself is already an international environment with students coming from over 80 countries, a MUN fits perfectly into the student community and enjoys the support of the university as well. The vision of KleMUN is to provide an MUN that is not only suitable for experienced delegates, but also for beginners and intermediate debaters.In order to keep the debates active and engaging, the committees do not exceed a maximum number of 20-25 delegates per committee. This ensures that every participant can feel comfortable enough to engage in the debates, improve their skills, and actively learn more about current world events.

KleMUN 2017 will be held from the 22nd - 26th November 2017 with around 100 delegates participating. This year, there will be five different committees to choose from: UN Human Rights Council UNGA 4th Committee - Special Political and Decolonization UN Office on Drugs and Crimes UN Global Compact UN Security Council

KleMUN includes not only the debates, but also an introduction to the rules and procedures, social events in the evenings and lunch to regain your strength for the debates. Everyone is welcome to apply! For further details, follow us on Facebook!


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Country Matrix
Historical United Nations Security Council
Historical United Nations Security Council


  • Topic 1: The Situation in Afghanistan
  • Topic 2: Crisis
Geert de Vries
Manuel Fröhlich

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes


  • Topic 1: Reassessing Modern Drug Policy
  • Topic 2: Addressing the Issue of Modern Day Slavery via Human Trafficking
Arun Joseph
Jenny Mushegera

United Nations Human Rights Council
United Nations Human Rights Council


  • Topic 1: Assessing the Religious, Cultural, and Legal Components of Child Marriage
  • Topic 2: Protecting the Human Rights of Refugees
Arne Frey
Markus Heitsch

Fourth Committee - Special Political and Decolonization Committee
Fourth Committee - Special Political and Decolonization Committee


  • Topic 1: The Question of West Papua
  • Topic 2: Comprehensive Review of Peacekeeping Operations in Central African Republic in all their Aspects
Valentin Wagner
Clara Geiger

United Nations Global Compact
United Nations Global Compact


  • Topic 1: Ensuring Fair Compensation for Laborers in Developing Countries
  • Topic 2: Application of the Paris Accord to Business Practice
Dineo B Sithole
Lukas Hagen