KAMUN 2015

Karlsruhe Model United Nations

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Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

We warmly invite you to the sixth session of Karlsruhe Model United Nations from 6th to 8th of November! Take highly committed students from all over Europe equipped with different study backgrounds and a controversial subject that will exploit the borders of political diplomacy. Add culinary specialties of the region and nightly social events to it, finally season it with the Model United Nations spirit and you receive KAMUN’s recipe.

In the upcoming months we will strive to provide you with the best MUN experience possible. KAMUN is a Model United Nations Conference suitable for both: experienced delegates and first timers. Irrespective of you taking your first steps or walking yet another mile in your Model United Nations career, KAMUN 2015 is the perfect opportunity to do so.

At KAMUN 2015 you are going to meet students who share the same spirit of enhancing global visions and of talking politics. More than 150 delegates from 22 nations come to together and experience a unique weekend in Karlsruhe.

Be passionate, be diplomatic, be convincing, be a delegate and come to meet us at KAMUN 2015! We are looking forward to your applications and registrations!

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Norman Neupert
USG Personnel

Fabian Neumann
Conference Manager

Peter Tse
Secretary General

Daniela Louisa Schütte
USG Applications


Security Council

Burundi ISIS insurgency in Libya

Alexander Kapp


Water disputes between Israel and the Arab countries Outer Space Treaty

Johannes Jeremy Schmidt
Anna-Lisa Wirth

World Bank

Supporting SMEs in Developing Countries through improving Capital Markets Increase connectivity in landlocked Developing Countries

Joaquim Candel
Agata Siuchninska

Joint Cabinet Crisis

The Middle East crisis and the future of Islam

Gábor Rácz
Anna Wieszt


Access to Water as a Human Right Reintegration of Child Soldiers from Post-Conflict Territories

Caterina Milo
Laura Carolin Freitag